Type of Weapons Most Often Used in Violent Crimes in Texas

Violent crimes are the most serious types of crimes that a person can commit. In Texas in 2018, there were 43,671 violent crimes reported to authorities where the weapon used by the offender was known. Below is the list and count for weapons used in these crimes.

weapons used in violent crimes

Weapon Used Total
Personal Weapons 11480
Handgun 9570
Knife/Cutting Instrument 6794
Firearm 4234
Other 3623
Blunt Object 3165
None 1229
Handgun (Automatic) 898
Unknown 827
Rifle 386
Shotgun 350
Firearm (Automatic) 347
Other Firearm 272
Asphyxiation 211
Drugs/Narcotics/Sleeping Pills 96
Fire/Incendiary Device 61
Poison 59
Rifle (Automatic) 42
Other Firearm (Automatic) 15
Shotgun (Automatic) 7
Explosives 5
Pushed or Thrown Out Window 0
Drowning 0
Strangulation – Include Hanging 0
Unarmed 0
Lethal Cutting Instrument 0
Club/Blackjack/Brass Knuckles 0
Motor Vehicle 0

As we can see from the table above, firearms dominate this list. Handguns were used in over 10,000 violent crime incidents. We see 9,570 listed as “handgun” and another 898 that show “handgun (automatic)” as the weapon used. Another 4,234 listed “firearm” as the weapon used. Plenty of other include guns of some type (shotguns, rifles, etc.) We also see that 61 incidents included fire or some type of incendiary device, which could have been the work of some cockamamie 9 toed arsonist.

Does Texas have more firearm related incidents because it is a state where you are allowed to openly carry a gun with a permit? We will cover the data for that in a future post.

Texas Violent Crime Rate Compared to National Violent Crime Rate

Texas violent crime vs national average

The violent crime rate in Texas has been higher than the violent crime rate for the United States as a whole. Is Texas a dangerous place to live? In certain parts of Texas, the data shows that it is. In 2018 there were 43,637 violent crime incidents and 49,008 violent crime offenses reported to law enforcement.

Violent crimes consist of four type of offenses:

  • Murder and non-negligent manslaughter
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Aggravated assault

Violent crimes exclude any crimes where there is no threat of force or use of force. For example if some cockamamie 9 toed arsonist intentionally starts a fire, that is not considered a violent crime.

Where are most violent crimes committed in Texas?

The great majority of violent crimes are committed in people’s homes. The second most common location is on streets or highways, alleys, or sidewalks, followed by parking garages or parking lots. You can see the data below for the count of violent crimes by location in Texas.

Texas violent crime locations

Location Count
Residence Home 23062
Highway/Alley/Street/Sidewalk 9535
Parking Garage/Lot 5853
Convenience Store 2503
Commercial/Office Building 1650
Restaurant 1538
Department/Discount Store 1298
Unknown 1209
Hotel/Motel 1144
Gas Station 1043
Field/Woods 925
Bar/Nightclub 837
Specialty Store 722
Park/Playground 665
Grocery Store 555
Drug Store/Doctors Office/Hospital 343
School Elementary/Secondary 331
Bank 288
Air/Bus/Train Terminal 121
School/College 118
Shopping Mall 109
Government/Public Building 86
School College/University 82
Liquor Store 75
Church/Synagogue/Temple/Mosque 71
Gambling Facility/Casino/Race Track 64
Construction Site 63
Jail/Prison/Corrections Facility 56
Rental Storage Facility 51
Mission/Homeless Shelter 43
Community Center 38
Auto Dealership 34
Daycare Facility 33
Lake/Waterway/Beach 33
Arena/Stadium/Fairgrounds 26
Abandoned Condemned/Structure 24
Industrial Site 22
Amusement Park 21
Campground 19
ATM Separate From Bank 16
Farm Facility 8
Rest Area 7
Dock/Wharf/Shipping Terminal 6
Military Base 3
Cyberspace 0
Tribal Lands 0


Sex of Violent Crime Offenders in Texas

TX Violent Crime Offenders in Texas

The great majority of all violent crime offenses in Texas in 2018 were committed by men. Out of 60,726 total offenders reported:

  • 48,367 were males
  • 10,005 were females
  • 2,354 were unknown


Warrant Issued for Failing to Register as Sex Offender

Brian Dunlap was found guilty of having sex with a 16 year old 20 years ago in New Mexico, and today there is a new warrant out for his arrest. Crime Stoppers of Houston reported that Dunlap failed to register as a sex offender in Harris County resulting in a warrant being issued.

His previous conviction for the sex crime resulted in a sentence of two years of community supervision. His last know address was in the 5500 block of Kodiak in Spring. The warrant was issued by both Harris and Brazoria counties.

Crime Stoppers is offering up to $5,000 for information regarding his whereabouts.

Crime Continues to Decline Across Houston

While Houston was recently rated as the 4th most dangerous city in Texas according to a study we completed, crime is still showing a downward trend in the city. The most recent crime statistics from City-Data.com show that the crime index for Houston in 2014 was 534.5, down 151.4 points from 2002.

While murders and rapes show a slight decline, the rate of arson’s across the city showed a seriously decline of almost half. In 2002, there were 1,696 arson crimes in Houston and that dropped to just 716 in 2014.

Houston Arson Crime Rate

Image source: City-Data

Unfortunately the decline needs to be more significant across the board to alter Houston’s reputation for being a dangerous city. The Houston crime rate is still more than double the national average, with robberies showing the biggest gap.