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Should I Hire an Expert Witness for My Criminal Case?

Posted on August 7, 2023 in

When a solid defense is required in a criminal case in Houston, jurors rely on the evidence and eyewitness testimony to make life-changing decisions. Witnesses will share their accounts of an event, informing jurors about what they experienced, and their testimony can be entered as evidence. 

You may have been charged with a crime and are considering hiring an expert witness to add to the credibility of the facts surrounding your defense. Before deciding if expert witness testimony will work in your favor, gathering this essential information on an expert witness’s background can determine if their testimony can contribute to your case or cause irreparable damage. 

The Role of an Expert Witness

Expert witnesses work in specific fields and are professionals in their areas of expertise. They can work with you and your attorney, gathering particular facts about the case and presenting their professional opinion about the events of a case. When hiring an expert witness, a Houston criminal defense attorney will have valuable insight into whether an expert witness is a good fit for your defense. 

What Makes an Expert Witness Right for My Case?

Consider multiple factors when hiring an expert witness. Doing your homework can make all the difference.

They Come Recommended 

An expert witness may feel they can offer the perfect testimony for your case and say so with confidence. Before you take their word for it, get references from other defendants who benefitted from the strong testimony of the expert witness. Other attorneys may recommend them for their abilities to perform under pressure.

If possible, ask for videos of their testimony, particularly in cases similar to yours, to see how they present information to a jury. Courtrooms offer high-pressure moments, so having an expert witness who has previously testified in court ensures they can respond under pressure and never become overly excited or defensive when pressed by an opposing attorney. Ask about any notable cases they may have been involved with to learn how their testimony could have contributed to a turning point in determining innocence. 

Their Opinion Educates the Jury or Judge

Expert witnesses need specialized knowledge to help those responsible for determining guilt or innocence understand specific evidence related to your case, providing facts and sound principles, making your case more relatable to jurors, and helping them become more considerate of your case. Failure to relay critical facts that the general population may not know to create an understanding or support for your case can be more detrimental than helpful.

They Have Addressed Similar Controversies Without Bias

Controversial topics or actions may play a part in your case. Understanding if and how the expert witness has handled similar matters is imperative. Determine if they are affiliated with organizations or hold views that may taint their opinion of these matters.

 Similarly, they should never have held membership in a club or organization championing the controversial subject that plays a significant role in your case. The knowledge they present should be based on data, not bias.

A Houston Criminal Defense Attorney That Understands Your Needs

A criminal defense attorney must constantly seek the best options for your case. Their ability to discern whether an expert witness is beneficial to your case can dramatically impact your life. The Law Office of David A. Breston, Criminal Defense Attorney, is committed to defending individuals charged with a crime.

A free, confidential consultation allows you to speak with a Houston criminal defense attorney that works to repair the lives of Houston residents convicted of a crime and is dedicated to finding the best expert witness for your case.