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League City Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Facing criminal charges can be a nerve-wracking time. You may wonder what your future holds and the best possible outcome of your case. You may be unsure as to how to defend yourself against these charges, and how to protect your way of life after your case comes to a verdict.

In these situations, you need an attorney on your side to build a strong defense in the courtroom and to guide you through the League City criminal justice system. The Law Offices of David A. Breston have over 20 years of trial experience, assisting thousands of clients in combating criminal charges in the state of Texas.

  • Our firm is not afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to approaching your case. We will work closely with you to design a creative, compelling defense on your behalf.
  • Our League City criminal defense attorneys have significant experience working in the Texas criminal justice system, including League City and the surrounding areas.
  • We have assisted thousands of clients in their criminal defense cases over our years of operation – working in multiple practice areas such as drug possession, battery, and impaired driving.

What Happens After an Arrest in League City?

If you are facing criminal charges in League City or another place in Texas, you will enter the Texas criminal justice system. The process after an arrest involves a number of different stages that may vary based on the type of crime in question and its severity.

Prior to your arrest, law enforcement officers investigated the crime and gathered enough evidence to suspect that you are responsible for it. They then arrested you and filed charges against you in Texas criminal court.

After your arrest, you will need to attend an arraignment where the judge will read the charges against you and ask you to enter a plea: either guilty or not guilty. You will work closely with your attorney to determine how to approach the arraignment.

Depending on the facts of your case, the police may either keep you in custody or release you while you await trial. You and your attorney will work together before your trial to reach the best possible outcome. Gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and brainstorming defense strategies may occur at this stage.

During your trial, the judge or jury will hear all of the evidence from both sides and issue a verdict, stating whether you are guilty or not guilty. You may also enter a plea agreement and avoid the trial process altogether. Your attorney will advise you of your best options.

Why Do You Need a League City Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you are facing criminal charges in League City, you need an attorney on your side to defend your case and to advocate for the best possible outcome. Hiring an attorney from the Law Offices of David A. Breston can provide numerous benefits for your case including the following.

  • Our Galvelston County criminal defense attorneys will work diligently to investigate your case. We will interview and identify witnesses who can provide testimony on your behalf, examine the facts of your case and the evidence the prosecution has collected, and use our network of resources and experts to build a compelling case in your favor.
  • You are likely unfamiliar with the League City criminal justice process and may feel lost in the system. Our attorneys have over 20 years of trial experience and understand the complexities of this system. We will guide you through each step of the way.
  • Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may consider entering plea negotiations with the prosecution. Your attorney will have the negotiating skills necessary to reach a plea agreement.

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If you need a criminal defense attorney who will advocate aggressively on your behalf, look no further than the Law Offices of David A. Breston. Our League City criminal defense attorneys have significant experience representing clients throughout League City and the state of Texas, handling cases involving drug charges, record sealing and expungement, DWIs, sex crimes, immigration, and more.

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