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Bond Hearings in Immigration Court

Posted on August 21, 2023 in

In Texas, bond hearings can be requested by individuals being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  A bond hearing must be requested to start this process.

Following the steps that lead back to your family can be challenging and frightening. Below, we share what a bond hearing consists of so you understand what to expect. Assistance is available from a dedicated Houston immigration attorney that strives to protect your best interests and keep you with your family.

The Bonds Hearing Process

This process allows a faster way to get out of detention and back with your family. You have requested and been granted a hearing, though a judge retains the right to make a final decision in granting bond.

The Immigration Bond Hearing

On the day of your bond hearing, you will either appear in court if an immigration court is on-site or through a video link. Your interactions will be limited to your attorney. The judge will review your status to ensure you are eligible for bond and decide whether to grant it according to their discretion. A judge will also look at the following information to determine bond.

  • You pose no danger to the security or the safety of the United States
  • You are not a flight risk
  • You pose no threat to national security

It is critical to present to the judge that you have ties in the United States, so asking family who are US citizens or lawful permanent residents to show up to support you is essential. Additionally, any children you have residing in the US that possess birth certificates should be present with that documentation. Other supporting documents can be:

  • A marriage certificate to a spouse that lives in the US
  • Letters from family and friends in the US
  • Pay stubs of employment or a letter of support from an employer 

Having strong ties in the United States, statements of support, a clean record, and a determination that you do not pose a flight risk will work in favor of a judge granting bond. Past arrests, DUIs, or a criminal history will work against you.

Pay Your Bond

Bond is money paid to the court as an assurance that you will appear for future proceedings if released. This money will be reimbursed if you appear for scheduled hearings and follow the orders established by the court. These orders may also include leaving the country.

Bonds range widely in their amounts, so it is imperative to prepare for amounts that have been set extremely high, though it will likely fall in between the minimum of $1500 and the maximum amounts issued so far.

Release on Bond

If you fail to attend additional court hearings or follow the judge’s orders, this bond will not be returned, and the courts will retain the money. You can work with a Texas immigration attorney to schedule your court appearances closer to home after your initial release. A judge may also order your removal from the US if you fail to show up for hearings.

Contact a Houston Immigration Lawyer About the Bond Hearing Process

The immigration court process is challenging, and any missed court appearances or questionable behaviors can have dire results for your case. The Law Office of David A. Breston is dedicated to helping individuals navigate the immigration process successfully. Contact an understanding Houston bond attorney today to begin the process and request a free consultation.