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Houston Bail Bond Lawyer

When an accused person is arrested and held in jail, a bail bond hearing is scheduled. At the hearing, a judge sets a bond, which may be paid in cash or you can pay bonding company 10% of the value of the bond. The purpose of the bond is to secure the accused’s presence at future court proceedings. If the accused is released on bail but fails to show up at the next court date, he or she forfeits the cash bail bond.

Bail & Bonds in Texas

Why Hire a Bail Bond Lawyer?

A Houston bail bond hearing attorney from the Law Office of David A. Breston will represent you at your hearing to persuade the judge that you are not a flight risk.

Just the fact that you have retained a private, Houston criminal defense attorney shows the court you are interested in and involved in your case. To learn how we can be of assistance in your specific situation, please contact our law firm today for a free phone consultation.

What Is a Bail?

When an individual gets arrested, the judge assigned to their case sets a specific bail amount depending on the context of the crime committed. For instance, if a judge believes that a defendant who committed a severe crime may flee after posting bail, they might set a higher amount that would make it more difficult for them to leave.

What is a Bond?

Though related, bail and bonds are not the same thing. Bail is the amount of money required to leave jail while awaiting trial. Bonds are what bail-bond companies use to cover the bail fee of a defendant who cannot afford to pay it out-of-pocket. Bail and bail bonds act as a form insurance to motivate the defendant to complete their trial.

At the Discretion of the Judge

While the bond is set by a schedule, a judge has discretion to deviate from the schedule in some cases. The bond value can be doubled in drug or theft cases, depending on the street value of the drugs involved. In some immigration cases, bond can be increased or a person can be held without bond. A bond is not punitive in nature, but used to secure ones appearance in court.

Contact a Bail Bond Attorney in Texas Today

Our attorneys Alma Garcia and David A. Breston can approach the judge and establish that you have ties to the community that reduce your risk of flight.  Our Houston bail bond proceeding lawyers will file a writ of habeas corpus to reduce your bond.

If your case has been pending for 90 days, and the state has not indicted you or isn’t ready for trial, we will ask the judge to reduce your bond, according to Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure. People who are not represented by a knowledgeable, experienced bail bond hearing lawyer are often unaware of they have this right.

Bail Bond Lawyer in Houston

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