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Houston Drug Manufacturing Attorney

Drug manufacturing and cultivation cases in Texas face harsher sentences than simple possession cases. Anyone who is convicted of a manufacturing felony could be sentenced to life imprisonment and as much as $250,000 in fines. Drug manufacturing and dealing are always considered a felony. Being charged with drug manufacturing has the potential to change your life forever.

Drug manufacturing charges may be brought against anyone who is directly or proximally involved in the making of an illegal substance. Even talking about helping a drug manufacturing enterprise may be classified as a drug manufacturing act in court.

Anyone who provides ingredients to drug manufacturers knowingly may also face charges. Even if a source provider claims ignorance about manufacturing, but a prosecutor or investigator can provide enough evidence that the provider should have known, he may still be charged and convicted under drug manufacturing laws in Texas.\

Houston Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

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If you or someone you know is facing drug manufacturing charges in Texas, the Houston criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of David A. Breston can help. We have years of experience in handling many different types of drug manufacturing cases.

Trying to fight your way out of a drug manufacturing charge if you are innocent is difficult and can be frightening. Hiring experienced attorneys who have a track record for protecting client rights and fighting for the best possible outcome is your best chance at making sure your case is handled fairly.

Penalties for Manufacturing Drugs in Houston

For all of the drug penalty groups, the penalty for manufacturing ranges from a state jail felony to a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-degree felony that could leave you facing life in prison. The amount of drug being manufactured and the size of the operation along with previous criminal records and other factors will all play into a prosecution’s drug manufacturing case. For more information on how you can seal a previous criminal charge from your record, contact a Houston non-disclosure lawyer today.

Being found in the vicinity of a school district or other drug-free zone means that you could face even more extensive sentencing. With the potential for state and federal charges, drug manufacturing cases can become complex quickly.

Other Penalties for Drug Manufacturing

In addition to serving a prison sentence and paying excessive fees and fines associated with a conviction, a person may face additional sanctions such as the suspension of a driver’s license, a strict probationary period after prison, and rehabilitation programs. Understanding the possible outcomes of a conviction is only part of the puzzle when it comes to fighting a drug manufacturing charge.

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Our attorneys focus on learning everything we can about your life so that we can better understand the context of the situation with which you were charged. Extensive research of evidence and unique variables that may set your case apart will also be part of your case here. We pride ourselves on maintaining constant communication with our clients and providing clear and direct counsel at every step of a case. You will be able to make the most informed decision regarding your case.

Criminal Defense & Drug Charges

Defense for drug manufacturing cases may involve a number of different strategies. There are valid reasons to have a drug manufacturing charge completely dismissed, which can help you get your life back without the lifelong repercussions of a permanent mark on your record. These include:

  • Problems with the judicial process including the way in which a warrant was provided or a lack of a warrant.
  • A lack of probable cause for police officers to have conducted a search.
  • Manufacturing that follows the provisions in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

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For more information about our drug manufacturing legal representation, contact us today. We fully understand the nuances of drug related cases and can guide you through the process while helping you engage with the legal process and determine the best course of action for your unique situation. No two drug manufacturing cases are alike, and at the Law Office of David A. Breston, you’ll be represented by a powerful legal team that has a reputation for success.